Building the scenes for a new Rubb Group video


Our new video is set to take viewers behind the scenes at the Rubb Group to highlight the design, manufacturing and construction processes that underpin our fabric building solutions.

Creative company Studio Wallop has been busy gathering video footage and images over the summer for the new company film for the Rubb Group.

Staff and ongoing work at Rubb took centre stage when Studio Wallop spent some time on site filming the design and manufacturing processes involved in creating Rubb fabric structures.


Studio Wallop is an independent creative studio based in Liskeard, Cornwall, specialising in film, animation, photography and design. Set up by director and designer Stephen Tolfrey, Studio Wallop has more than 24 years experience in producing work for many clients, from small independents to major international brands.

Owner/Producers Stephen and Kim Tolfrey filmed at Rubb’s design and sales offices and PVC and steel manufacturing workshops. They also visited the site where Rubb’s building frame steel work is hot dip galvanized to protect it from corrosion.


Staff from Rubb Marketing and the film crew visited two high profile Rubb buildings in the north east of England: Newcastle United and Sunderland Association Football Clubs’ training facilities. These two sports buildings are considered to be flagship indoor football training hubs and are good examples of how Rubb building systems can help protect players from the elements, while providing an internal light and airy atmosphere thanks to our translucent roofing systems.


From the pitch to the airfield

With filming and photography complete at Rubb and key sites in the north, Studio Wallop then set off on the long road trip to Gatwick Airport for the opening of the new Rubb aircraft hangar for easyJet at Gatwick Airport. The new top-flight, two-bay facility provides 5200sq m (58,125sq ft) of usable working floorspace and can accommodate two Airbus A321s at the same time.

The video also features other projects and highlights from throughout the Rubb Group, which has operations in the UK, USA, Norway, Sweden and Singapore.

Rubb Group CEO Rune Vamråk said: “We are very proud of our new video. Studio Wallop and the staff involved did a great job. The video allows clients to explore our commitment to excellence in engineering in everything we do, while watching the processes involved when creating our quality fabric building solutions.”

You can view the Rubb Group video here.



10 Sports Facilities Questions Answered by Rubb

  1. What space is available at your location? Available in spans from 65′ to 262′ (20m to 80m) wide by any length, Rubb has over 30 years’ experience in meeting individual requirements for custom buildings. With this experience, we are able to provide a complete package for sports halls and training complexes, including help with planning approval and the installation of all services such as roads, drainage, mechanical and electrical services. As experts in space usage and efficiency, we offer a wide range of advice on how to maximize the potential of any sports facility.
  2. What will the facility be used for? Rubb can tailor designs to accommodate a variety of athletic activities. Whether its soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, football, ultimate frisbee, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, rock climbing, horseback riding enclosures or professional training facilities, Rubb Sportspans provide an economical building solution.
  3. Why play inside? Rubb sports buildings are highly cost-effective building and our use of translucent fabric gives the impression of playing and training outside. And now, with the development of our Thermohall Insulation System, teams and individuals are provided with first class illumination and full weather protection in any climate that also yields significant energy savings.
  4. What equipment will you need to ensure your activities can run smoothly? Rubb can provide features and equipment such as bleachers, rebound walls, division nets and curtains, scoreboards, and a variety of other customizable owner supplied options.
  5. What kind of flooring are you looking for? Rubb can accommodate any surface needs with state of the art floor solutions, including Synthetic Infill Sports Turf installed on a crushed gravel base, hard wood court or a multi-sport synthetic surface, and high density playing surfaces available in a choice of colors. Design the floor to function as one large playing surface or sub-divide it into smaller surfaces for younger age groups or training programs. Rubb takes pride in being flexible and partnering with trusted businesses, and is comfortable working with local providers for flooring and equipment needs.
  6. What building materials will be used? Rubb buildings are designed to meet or exceed local building, fire and safety codes, and use only the highest quality materials and components in the manufacturing process. Rubb’s traditional galvanized internal steel frame resists corrosion and is virtually maintenance free and PVC membrane cladding materials are sourced from reputable suppliers with long and proven track records of supplying architectural membranes. As a public service warning, Rubb does not condone the use of harmful or lesser materials, and urges clients to be cautious of companies promoting inferior substances.
  7. What are the energy savings and environmental benefits? Rubb’s Thermohall Insulation System offers great energy savings and is environmentally friendly, both in fabrication and operation. Elimination of air gaps in the cladding reduces heat loss and helps control condensation, non-combustible glass wool insulation encapsulated in air and water tight pockets offers protection for any climate, and all recyclable materials provide eco-friendly solutions. Structures can be temporary or permanent; readily adaptable to suit changing requirements, extendable, relocatable and reusable ensuring a cost effective solution in the long term.
  8. What experience does Rubb have with Sports Buildings? Take a look at projects, photos, videos, brochures, and building highlights on our website.
  9. How do I contact Rubb for my Sports Building needs? Send us a project inquiry, send us an e-mail at, or call toll free at 1-800-289-7822
  10. What sets Rubb apart from other Sports Buildings? Simply, we build structures to protect your assets…we take our commitment to service seriously and we do it right. Rubb has earned a reputation for tackling difficult and unique projects, and holds a number of certifications from reliable and trusted organizations. Rubb follows a strong commitment to: codes and standards, reducing impact to the environment, and above all, our valued clients.