A Rubb Arctic adventure on the move…

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The Rubb structure built on the ice cap in Greenland for the National Science Foundation has taken a sled ride to a different location.

As previously referenced, the Rubb BVR storage facility, known as the Summit Mobile Garage, is a 32’ x 97’ heavily insulated building designed and engineered to be moved or, more aptly, moved by sled from place to place. Due to massive amounts of drifting snow it is easier to tow the building to a new resting spot rather than remove the piles of snow.

In the pictures above, the site crew is shown towing and pivoting the building to its new temporary location. According to Marc Boutet, who spent a month in Greenland as technical advisor: “The guys told me they waited for a warm, balmy day and dragged the building to a spot less likely to get buried with drifting snow… warm and balmy means a few degrees above zero,” Marc added with a chuckle.

Actually the Rubb building was moved about 400 yards and the crew at Summit Station reported no problems with the move. “That’s because we designed and built it right,” concluded Marc.

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Alternative Use of Fabric Membranes at Winter Olympics

According to an article recently posted by Hearst Electronic Products, there is a quite a bit to be excited about for this year’s upcoming Winter Olympics starting February 7th, 2014.  One major thing to note is that fabric membrane, the same PVC coated polyester fabric that Rubb uses in all its prefabricated, portable structures, aircraft hangers, buildings, shelters and custom structures, will be one of the focal features in this year’s 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Events.

Depicting a 25-foot tall, “Mount Rushmore of the Digital Age”, this display will give attendees the opportunity to see their faces depicted in 3-D light on a Pavilion’s wall.  This amazing fabric engineering will use over 10,000 LED rods covered by a PVC outer shell known as a fabric membrane to morph in to each attendees face in less than 60 seconds.

This is the same fabric building material that can be found in all of our building designs here at Rubb. Our high-quality fabric membrane material provides the same exceptional tensile strength, formability and durability that will be seen at this year’s Winter Olympic display.

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