Inside MRO hangar demand

Sales Manager and Aviation expert here at Rubb Building was recently asked a number of questions regarding Rubb aircraft hangars and his opinion on the current MRO market. What hangar structures that you have supplied and installed in recent months? The latest hangar we have installed is located at Doncaster airport and is a steel … Continue reading Inside MRO hangar demand


Increased need for line maintenance in Denmark and Croatia attracts Air Nostrum to Magnetic MRO services

A global MRO company will be supplying full line aircraft maintenance services to Air Nostrum, an independent aviation company which operates as a franchisee of Iberia.

Belfast International Airport continues to grow its relationship

Belfast International Airport continues to grow its relationship with low cost airline giant EasyJet. The airport announced the addition of three new destinations for Summer 2018, including Naples, Valencia and a very short flight to the Isle of Man.The additional destinations will increase the total number of routes easyJet fly from Belfast International Airport to 31. With this … Continue reading Belfast International Airport continues to grow its relationship

Newcastle Aviation Academy and Airport

Rubb UK enjoyed the opportunity to explore behind the scenes at Newcastle College's  Aviation Academy and Newcastle Airport with other members of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum recently. It was an excellent tour. Tim Jacklin, Manager of Newcastle Aviation Academy and RAF Engineering Veteran, provided an informative tour of the facility. Based at Newcastle International Airport, the £3.3million Aviation Academy … Continue reading Newcastle Aviation Academy and Airport

Aviation and Architecture

Vitruvius, Roman architect and author of De Architectura, is noted  for suggesting that structures must possess three traits - firmitas, utilitas, venustas - that is, usability, durability, and beauty. Although this treatise on architecture was written around 15 BC, these components are still prevalent in structures used today, and highly regarded in the design of our projects here at Rubb Building … Continue reading Aviation and Architecture