Agile solutions for a changing world

In the run up to leaving the EU, many UK businesses are increasingly looking for facilities with agility and flexible storage space.   ‘Build to suit’ storage solutions are key to companies being more efficient with available space and planning for the future. Businesses are also looking for the ability to be able to make … Continue reading Agile solutions for a changing world


Inside MRO hangar demand

Sales Manager and Aviation expert here at Rubb Building was recently asked a number of questions regarding Rubb aircraft hangars and his opinion on the current MRO market. What hangar structures that you have supplied and installed in recent months? The latest hangar we have installed is located at Doncaster airport and is a steel … Continue reading Inside MRO hangar demand

Rubb’s swan song

The Swan Hunter Shipyard buildings that were located in the dockyards on the banks of the River Tyne are historically well known as an iconic industrial image of the North East. The Rubb marine structures dominated the Newcastle skyline for more than 25 years. Swan Hunters began life as a shipbuilder back in 1880. Over … Continue reading Rubb’s swan song

Supporting the storage and processing of freight throughout UK ports

The UK ports industry of about 120 commercial ports handles 95% of UK imports and exports.   365 days a year, 24 hours a day, these ports are active with the processing and storage of freight. Custom designed warehouses play a vital part in supporting the smooth operations of UK ports across the whole country. … Continue reading Supporting the storage and processing of freight throughout UK ports

Agile storage solutions

Stephanie Coyle, sales executive & warehouse specialist at Rubb Buildings discusses a challenging industrial property market with HSS editor Simon Duddy.   HSS: What developments are you seeing in warehouse property and how is that impacting demand for temporary buildings? Stephanie Coyle: Flexibility is the key for warehouses of the future. At the recent UKWA conference various … Continue reading Agile storage solutions