Breakfast with the President

Grant at Heli Expo

Technical Sales Engineer Grant Davidson takes to the Rubb Heli-Expo booth for the last day of Heli-Expo 2015…

Day 4 – The last day

Following on from a brilliant show on Day 2 with some very positive sales leads, we were looking forward to finishing the HAI Heli-Expo on a high. To start the final day we joined Rubb Inc President David Nickerson for breakfast. Poached eggs and toast were washed down swiftly with a nice coffee. Discussions about Sam’s introduction to show life and how successful the expo had been so far filled most of the conservation time.

As we entered the expo we were once again greeted ‘good morning’ by our fellow exhibitors as we passed by on our way to the Rubb booth. The morning was busy and as we juggled between being on the stand and visiting some of the larger manufacturers and maintenance organisations, Day 4 quickly reached the halfway point. With an earlier show finish that afternoon we continued our discussions with the last remaining visitors and then got down to dismantling the stand while organising transport of this back to our US office in Maine. Good preparation the previous evening and help from ‘FedEx’ allowed us to carry this out without any issues.

On review, we found HAI Heli-Expo to be a great platform for Rubb UK to team up with Rubb USA to further identify the Rubb Group as a leading worldwide Aircraft Hangar supplier. With some promising leads, we hope to back this up with a strong year in 2015.

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