Rubb flies in to Heli-Expo


Technical Sales Engineer Grant Davidson (pictured above) steps up to the Rubb Blog to take you behind the scenes at HAI Heli-Expo…

Day 1 – Rubb USA meets Rubb UK
The first day started with a round trip to Sanford International Airport near Orlando, Florida, to pick up Sam Mrozinski (pictured below), an engineer travelling from our US office in Maine. After a well executed pick-up and quick introduction, we were on our way to the HAI Heli-Expo to set up. After setting up the booth, we headed to the hotel to get ready for the evening’s opening party hosted by Bell Helicopters at the Hilton Hotel.
After a quick bite to eat and catch up on the daily sports we were ready to socialise and discuss all things aviation at the evening’s event…


Day 2 – Sam is introduced to exhibition life
On Tuesday we arrived at HAI Heli-Expo nice and early, ready to greet the flocking crowds that were trying to escape the early morning heat! A steady flow of visitors and a good number of enquires ensured that the morning passed by quickly. Before we knew it, the first day was already coming to a close.
An invitation for beers at around 4:30pm to catch up with Vertical magazine was a great way to end a exciting day and to reflect on the prospective projects we had discussed with the eager visitors.

Day 3 – Bring the game

A early morning run taking in the sites of Orlando and ‘Waffles’ for breakfast to refuel was the order of the day!
As we discussed the previous evening’s entertainment en route to the show, we allowed the navigation to direct us via¬†International Drive (the busiest street in the US!) to the HAI Heli-Expo. We were a good 30 minutes early to our surprise. Upon entering the show we passed by some familiar faces, in particular, Gene and Keith from Lock-n-Climb (pictured below), who we had shared a few drinks with the previous evening at the opening gala, and happened to be our neighbours at the show.


Again, the Expo started off with a good number of enquiries and interest in our Rubb custom designed structures. Sam, with his engineering and architectural background, proved to be a welcome complimentary support creating a different angle of approach with the visiting crowds.


The day concluded with the Rubb team drawing in the last remaining visitors before they headed off to re-live their youth and enjoy another fun filled night of Disney Entertainment!

HeliExpoOne HeliExpoThree


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