An eventful show for Rubb

Shepard New Video

Day 5 – The last day
After some great media coverage (pictured above) and positive meetings, it was always going to be tough to top Day 4, especially with Ian heading home this morning. In an attempt not to jinx what has been a good show so far, I started the day the same as every other, gym, breakfast then taxi to the show. Luckily or unluckily, depending upon how you view it, I am now all out of gym clothes, so I am planning on having a night off tonight to celebrate before flying home.
One thing I hadn’t considered until now is how quickly we settled into the show and the routine. Over the week has almost become second nature, getting up early for the gym, the journey to the show, even getting through security and the walk to the stand. Everyone has been extremely friendly and accommodating and this has helped no end to make a hectic week that little bit easier.

EFASS in action

The footfall is inevitably slower on the last day of any show, so with that in mind I had identified a few companies to visit, in a bid to follow up on previous conversations and also lay down some networking foundations for promoting our military buildings (pictured above) at DSEI.
All in all IDEX 2015 has been a pretty good show with some promising leads to follow up when we get home. On another plus side, unlike Eurosatory, my new sunglasses survived this show and there was not one train strike in site…

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