Team Rubb pick up their clubs to support RAF golf contest

RAF Golf Champs

Andy Knox returns to the Rubb Blog to share Team Rubb’s adventures on the golfing green in support of the RAF Trade Group 5 Championships 2014…

For the last nine years Rubb Buildings Ltd has sponsored the Trade Group 5 Golf Championships held at the stunning Greetham Valley Golf Club (pictured above). For the first time Rubb decided to enter a team including Grant Davidson, former 5001 Squadron Flight Sergeant Ken Forrest, John Cornwell and myself. The team looked quite promising with the two old hands playing plenty of golf in their spare time, whilst young Grant, who is a talented player but hardly plays, was keen to be back on the course after a lengthy spell out. I was of course there to make up the numbers and try not to get the wooden spoon.

We all met at the club house to pick up our score cards, a drink and a bacon butty before teeing off for the first round. The weather played its part with bright sunshine and a slight breeze, but nothing I could use as an excuse for poor shots.

The first tee was nerve racking with quite a few people watching in the hope someone would drop one in the water or make it short of the forward tees. Luckily for #TeamRubb everyone’s first tee shot was pretty impressive and from the first shot there were rumblings of ‘bandits’ and ‘scoundrels’ as the new team was warmly welcomed into the old banter.

At the end of day one #TeamRubb were joint second place, with Grant having hit the longest drive of the day. Spirits were high and after some good grub, a couple of drinks and some words of encouragement from the boss we were all done in and ready for some sleep in preparation for day two.

The second day saw lots of sunshine and a few hangovers. With a lot of the guys having moved stations or deployed overseas it became apparent to me that these two days of golf were a welcome break for what seemed to be a cracking group of lads.

During round two it was not the first tee but the last that had all the pressure – a short par-3, with the hole just below a grassy bank beside the club house. With everyone sitting out in the sun on the grassy bank there was a huge amount of pressure to hit a good shot. Having scratched on the previous hole, I was to tee off last, just to add to the pressure. First tee shot… on the green, second tee shot… on the green, third tee shot… on the green… Up steps Andy Knox for his tee shot “no pressure Andy” was the comment from Jay Corn from 5001 Squadron (yeah, cheers mate). Sweating buckets, I approached the ball with my trusty 9-iron and let it rip…. GREEN!!! I was over the moon. I had passed the test. It didn’t matter about all the shots in between, all that mattered was that I had hit a good first and last tee shot. I could go home happy.

Rubb Buildings Ltd's Grant Davidson with his TG5 Golf trophies

The day ended with a lovely carvery and a brief presentation that included Grant Davidson winning the longest drive and finishing 2nd overall in the individuals’ category (imagine what he could do if he actually played). #TeamRubb finished a respectful fifth overall, much higher than expected and setting the expectations for next year’s 10th anniversary.

All in all this was a cracking two days and I was proud to be associated with it through Rubb, whose sponsorship over the last few years has helped support a massively important event that these guys need to have on their calendar. As always I tip my hat to the forces and if this is our small way to say thank you for what they do, I think the gesture is very much appreciated.

That being said I will be getting the practice in for next year in the hope to better the #TeamRubb result….


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