Things heat up for Team Rubb at Farnborough

Andy Knox and Andrew Maisalu welcome Rubb Group CEO Rune Vamråk to Rubb's stand at Farnborough Airshow
Andy Knox and Andrew Maisalu welcome Rubb Group CEO Rune Vamråk to Rubb’s stand at Farnborough Airshow

As Futures Day gets underway at Farnborough International Airshow 2014, Rubb Sales Manager Andy Knox shares Rubb’s flight into the world of Farnborough so far…

Day 1 at Farnborough Airshow was all about getting to know the show, the stand and the people around us.

The journey to the show was quick and easy, no lost sunglasses or train strikes here… We got through security nice and early and introduced ourselves to our stand neighbours, a couple of which I had already met at the Dubai Airshow. James of and Gordon who has recently joined – both stand up guys with exceptional knowledge in their fields. After some quick hellos we caught up with our Aerohub friends to find out what was new with them and what they had planned for the week and then it was down to business.

The footfall was slow and the internet slower still, but in amongst the chats about the World Cup and how nice the weather was we received an excellent enquiry from another exhibitor… Farnborough Airshow 2014 had officially kicked off for us…

As crowds of aviation enthusiasts gathered to watch the spectacular air displays in the bright sunshine, we got down to planning the rest of the week and finding out what networking opportunities there were and who else we could approach to spread the Rubb word. With our plan in place we were looking forward to a change of clothes and a good meal ready to pace the floors on Day 2.


Day 2 saw even more sunshine and extreme heat in the exhibition halls. As visitors spent their time outside soaking up the great weather and atmosphere, we took to the aisles early to network and catch up with some people we had met at Eurosatory.

Andrew Maisalu was a little quiet in the morning and I couldn’t decide if he was suffering with the heat or sulking after the valuable lesson I gave him in how to play pool the night before… Either way he cheered up after an excellent pitch to our best visitor of the day and after a spot of lunch he was back to his usual chatty self.

There was a buzz around the Aerohub stand as the preparations began for their Cornwall Institute for Advanced Technologies (CIAT) reception and their recent announcement that Newquay Airport has been shortlisted as a potential site for the UK’s first space port for commercial space flights. I thought it beneficial to mention to our Aerohub friends that we have prior experience working with a well known American space agency and would be more than happy to provide some spacecraft hangars if required.

After some reception drinks and some great networking at our stand it was time to be on our way to prepare another pool lesson, as well as get ready for Day 3 and the pending arrival of our Rubb colleagues.


Day 3 saw the arrival of our Rubb colleagues. After dropping Andrew at the Airshow I went to pick the guys up from Heathrow. We made good time and no sooner had we arrived at the stand we were straight into meetings.

We managed to squeeze in a brief walk around the show and make a few introductions to our old and new contacts. In what felt like no time at all it was time to get the guys back to the airport. This is where my day was to take a dramatic turn…

So… If you tell people you will drop them at the airport it is important to remember one thing… your car keys… it’s especially important to remember your car keys if you have parked at a Park and Ride… and finally and most importantly never ever get all the way to the car park to realise that you don’t have your car keys.

So the pressure was on, Andrew rose to the challenge and managed to shuttle bus the elusive car keys to me. From then on it was all on me to get the guys to Heathrow quickly and of course legally whilst negotiating the M25 traffic.

But we got there in the end. If the truth is known I was never worried and the whole scenario was engineered so I would have some good blogging material, because believe it or not you just can’t make this stuff up…

Calamity aside Day 3 was an important day. It is good for the management to see the Rubb team in action and the hard work that goes not just into the show itself, but the networking and meetings taking place behind the scenes. That being said I was pleased to see the back of Day 3 and was looking forward to a nice cold (stress relieving) beer.


Day 4 was “one of” if not “the” hottest days of the year. The heat inside the hall was unbearable at times and, as we had seen previously in the week, people were naturally migrating outside into the sun to watch the Airshow.

We decided to walk the show and deliver some brochures and meet some new contacts. After lunch we had a great meeting with the Portuguese regarding our UAV products and straight after that we met our friends from UKTI for an update and catch up over some chilled drinks.

All the talk on the stand today was focused on the Rubb FIA Pool Championship, which was tied at one set each going into tonight’s final match. From the chit chat it would appear that the young pretender Andrew Maisalu was the favourite, putting the veteran Andrew “OldSkool” Knox as the underdog. The mind games had already begun and the deciding match could go either way – the question is who will take the title into Day 5?


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