Common PVC Fabric Myths Debunked

According to a recent article posted in the Specialty fabrics Review, Vinyl Matters, there are several false claims surrounding the fabric manufacturing industry and the use of PVC or vinyl material.  Among these false claims is the belief that vinyl is a health and environmental hazard. Yet, as discussed in the article, Vinyl Matters, “The polyvinyl chloride polymer (vinyl, produced as a powder known as “vinyl resin”) is one of the most resource-efficient and sustainable plastic polymers ever discovered and developed.” And it is this same PVC material that we use to produce and manufacture all our Rubb building systems.

The following are two outdated misconceptions that surround the vinyl industry:

  • Vinyl chloride monomer creates a worker health hazard.
  • Vinyl produces harmful dioxin emissions in the atmosphere when burnt.

The first dated claim made against the use of vinyl material is the misconception that residual vinyl chloride monomer creates a health hazard for workers. However, this is issue has already been addressed by the vinyl manufacturing industry in the 1960s and has since been virtually eliminated through proper manufacturing processes.  At Rubb, all aspects of design, manufacturing and installation are completed in our state of the art manufacturing facilities using only the highest quality PVC coated fabric.  All of Rubb’s facilities are certified by independent registrars to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standards, backed by certifications and memberships from various other trusted companies as well.

At Rubb, we also we stand behind a strong Environmental Policy plan that outlines our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and actions.  This of course includes our dedication in reducing dioxin emissions in the atmosphere, which our industry, as in the article, Vinyl Matters, has been a leader in reducing with “only grams per year” produced.  Through proper training, resources, and a Plan of Action to always consider and improve the environmental impact of our products at all stages of the product life cycle, we stand behind our portable building systems as an affordable, environmentally friendly solution.


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