Using Highway Barriers for Foundation Anchoring

The Maine Turnpike Authority recently posted to their Facebook page that they have hundreds of highway barriers, also known as Jersey barriers, for sale.  These are commonly used on Rubb shelters as ballast weights for the foundations, or even as the actual foundation itself, as pictured on the right.

One of the features of Rubb buildings and shelters is the flexibility in foundation requirements.  Many of our structures do not need a full concrete foundation, and can use our base angle or wide-flange beam foundations where they can be installed on earth or asphalt.  Highway barriers and other types of ballast weights can often be used with these foundations to resist wind uplift instead of driven earth anchors.  In addition to their low cost, they give the owner flexibility of relocating the building on their site.

Highway barriers are also a convenient way to anchor structures that are equipped with lifting kits, enabling them to be crane lifted around a construction site. The weights can be removed easily using a forklift and then replaced when the building is at its new location.  Contact us to discuss your project and how we can customize a structure to fit your needs.



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