Farewell to Joe after more than three decades at Rubb Buildings Ltd


Joe Ross has retired after 32 years of preparing building materials for Rubb’s tensile super structures.

The 65-year-old Machine Operator from Whickham celebrated his retirement with colleagues in October 2013.

Back in 1981 the widest diameter steel framework tube that Joe was responsible for cutting measured just 16mm. In 2013 Joe worked on Rubb’s tallest building to date, cutting 139.7mm diameter tubing for E.ON’s  biomass storage and processing facility at Ironbridge, UK.

Speaking about Joe’s personnel file, Managing Director Ian Hindmoor, said: “There’s not one blemish in the whole thing. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and commitment to work somewhere for that length of time. Joe’s a moral employee, someone who’s going to be greatly missed, someone who’s part of the furniture.”

Joe said: “Thanks very much. It’s going to be strange getting up on Tuesday morning and not coming in here.”

Ian added: “I just want to let everyone know how much we appreciate all your hard work over that time; on behalf of everyone best of luck.”


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