New 70′ x 116′-8″ BVE Building ready to be customized

Rubb, Inc of Sanford, Maine is pleased to offer a new 70′ x 116′-8″ BVE range building for sale from stock.  The structure is designed as follows:

  • 12 psf live load
  • 3 psf collateral load
  • 110 mph 3-second gust wind speed
  • Occupancy Category 2.
  • IBC 2006 building code

The gable ends can be fitted with whatever doors are needed, and we can provide a variety of color options for the cladding.  The building can easily be put to use as a small hangar, warehouse, fabrication shop or bulk storage facility.  The FOB factory price is $131,000 ready to be erected on your concrete foundation, simply contact us to add whatever doors are required.  We can also place the building on a galvanized wide-flange beam foundation for placement on earth or asphalt surfaces.

Please contact David Nickerson for details.     E-mail:       Tel:  800-289-7822 or 207-324-2877.


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