Rubb helicopter sunshade lands for Rio Tinto

The 11.1m Rubb EFASS sunshade for Rio Tinto
The 11.1m Rubb EFASS sunshade for Rio Tinto

The first Rubb 11.1m sunshade has been successfully delivered to house the commercial helicopter operations of Rio Tinto.

The sunshade features an aluminium frame clad with white Serge Ferrari 832 PVC fabric. This is the smallest aircraft sunshade in the EFASS range, initially designed to accommodate small aircraft and helicopters.

The EFASS shelter system, which features hangars, sunshades and warehouses, is uniquely suitable for the storage and maintenance of aviation equipment and operations. The system is designed to be rapidly deployed and quickly erected anywhere in the world.

Each hangar can be quickly constructed using a number of steel fabricated components together with uniquely designed aluminum roof and leg sections, that bolt together to form the span trusses. When assembled, tough PVC coated polyester fabric sheets slide between the aluminium extrusions of adjacent spans to form the shelter.

Rio Tinto is an international mining group specialising in finding, mining and processing mineral resources. The company works in difficult terrain and climates around the world and its business includes open pits, underground mines, refineries and research facilities.

Rubb General Manager Ian Hindmoor said: “This is an interesting project and we are delighted to supply Rio Tinto with the first 11.1m EFASS sunshade for commercial use. These structures are traditionally used by military personnel but are increasingly meeting civil and business aviation requirements. We look forward to developing the product further to meet our clients’ needs.”


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