Rubb has Britain covered with storage solutions in Scotland, England and Wales

Rubb storage building for Rockwool

Rubb Buildings Ltd has been praised for its professionalism, flexibility and safe working practices after providing three storage solutions to three growing companies.

Rubb UK delivered a new storage facility to power and gas giant E.ON. Plant and Consumable Services Ltd approached Rubb to complete a 16m wide span x 25m long building project for E.ON UK on the Isle of Grain, Rochester, Kent.

The client wanted to utilize as much of the existing concrete plot but that presented its own challenges – Rubb had to carefully design and install the structure to avoid all the underground service docks and cables at the site.

The storage facility features Rubb’s signature post production hot dip galvanized steel frame and grey and white PVC coated polyester covering membrane. Rubb’s design engineers added a 4m x 4m roller shutter door to the side of the building at the client’s request.

John England, Power Utilities Director at PACS, said: “The project ran very smoothly from start to finish and E.ON is delighted with the result. Site safety is paramount on E.ON sites and they praised the Rubb team for their professionalism and safe working throughout their time there. We are optimistic that this success will be a springboard for further opportunities for the Rubb PACS partnership in the near future.”

Rubb UK also rose to the challenge to design, manufacture and install a custom overspill storage solution for Rockwool’s state-of-the-art insulation production line and packaging facility in South Wales.

Rockwool is a leading manufacturer of non-combustible stonewool insulation, with a factory and offices in Pencoed, just outside Bridgend. Rubb beat off competition to win the contract to provide a custom structure featuring an assymetrical roof truss. The building includes a 15.25m wide front span for the first 25m of the building’s length. It then extends out to a 20.25m wide span for the remaining 15m of the structure’s length towards the rear gable end.

Technical Sales Engineer Ian Mackleysaid: “We came up with a flexible solution to meet the specific perimeters set by the client, including higher sidewalls and an extended assymetrical 20m rear gable end. The client also required a 4m wide x 5m high sliding door which we were able to provide. Rockwool liked Rubb’s flexibility of design and approach.”

Neil Perry, Projects and Energy Manager at Rockwool, said: “Rubb, and in particularIan Ian Mackley, were very flexible with regard to Rockwool’s specific requirements and timescale and provided the best value for money approach and consequently price. The installation team were very professional, quick, and also flexible, to suit Rockwool’s changing demands. The result was an excellent looking and fine, robust structure. We are impressed!”

Meanwhile a leading provider of mechanical equipment returned to Rubb Buildings Ltd when seeking a solution to a storage space expansion in Scotland. Aberdeen based EnerMech came back to Rubb to place a repeat order for an additional 15m x 40m NV storage facility in 2011. Technical Sales EngineerIan Mackley said: “They were running out of space at his site and needed an additional building to run alongside a retaining wall. Part of the building frame was mounted on the retaining wall, which became the foundation for the structure’s right side legs for 28m of the building’s length. It was completed with a 5m x 5m roller shutter door and two personnel doors. This provided the extra space that they needed flexibly, quickly and cost effectively.”

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