Ron’s last grand designs for Rubb

Ron bids farewell to Rubb

Dedicated design engineer Ron Adams is hanging up his drawing board after 33 years of loyal service to Rubb Buildings Ltd. Like a proud parent, Ron has helped Rubb grow into a thriving successful international business while excelling himself as a great member of the team in the company’s UK drawing office. Colleagues helped Ron celebrate his retirement and wished him all the best at a farewell party at the Chinese restaurant ‘Landmark’ on Friday July 8th 2011.

He started work at Marconi Radar Systems in Bill Quay soon after finishing school. He was offered an apprenticeship which involved attending college six months a year, before leaving aged 21. Ron trained at Marconi’s alongside Rubb Managing Director Bill Wood – the first person he met there – and also worked alongside former Rubb Sales Manager Ray Colby. The trio have been friends since the age of 15 and were to be later reunited at Rubb Buildings Ltd on Gateshead’s Team Valley Trading Estate. Ron says Marconi’s offered him ‘good engineering training’. He lost touch with Bill and Ray after leaving Marconi’s but a chance meeting with Bill in a local supermarket resulted in Ron being offered a job at Rubb.

He explained how he has thoroughly enjoyed working at Rubb and described the company as having ‘a good, friendly atmosphere’. The design engineer also described his colleagues as an ‘excellent team’ and a ‘good squad’. He added that ‘Rubb has grown from nothing’ and that there have been some ‘major changes’ since he starting working there in 1978.
Ron reminisced about ordering his first drawing board, desk and chair and explained how he drew everything out by hand in the early days. He sounded very relieved however, that in 1988, Rubb invested in ‘CAD’ (Computer Aided Design) technology which Ron said ‘revolutionised the office’.

His most memorable highlights at Rubb include the Falkland Islands military projects, Newcastle United Football Club Training Ground, West Bromwich Albion training facilities and the massive Meadowbank multi-sports Arena in Northern Ireland. His last grand designs include a multi-sports hub for Paignton Community and Sports College, a storage solution for the Central Gliding School at RAF Syerston, a return to the Falklands with a storage building for Byron Marine and an aircraft hangar for African Petroleum in Liberia.

Ron, who will be 65 in September, says: “It was all down to team effort”, but is proud to have been a part of the completion of the buildings by contributing towards the original drawings. Upon leaving Rubb, Ron will be spending more time with his family and would like to pursue his interests in photography and painting. He is also looking forward to going fell walking and reading in his spare time. He will be keeping in touch with his fellow colleagues and says: “I am going to miss the team – the lads – Rubb has been like a family to me.”

Managing Director Bill Wood, who is also soon to retire, paid tribute to Ron’s work over the years: “I will be sad to see Ron go as he is a very good engineer with excellent engineering problem solving skills and is a team player with 100 per cent commitment to his work and to Rubb Buildings. I started work with Ron at 15 years of age and we will both finish our careers at 65 together.”

Ron at Marconi with Bill Wood (pictured left)


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