Building Foundations

Early Days
Early Days – Ray Colby in the sales department

Rubb started making shelters in Norway in 1968 and now has complete engineering, design and production facilities in Norway, the UK and USA.

Industry innovator Finn Haldorsen started Rubb Buildings Ltd UK in 1977 after success in his home country of Norway – and he was looking for a team to help achieve his vision of establishing Rubb as the Rolls Royce of fabric structures.

Bill Wood was hired as General Manager, at the new company in the North East of England.

Ray Colby and Ron Adams, who worked alongside Bill at Marconi Radar Systems in Bill Quay, joined Rubb Buildings soon after.

Former Rubb Sales Manager Ray explains: “Bill said ‘do you fancy coming down to meet the MD – he is looking for someone to work in sales?’ I met Finn and he offered me the job.

“I was up for the challenge. I had never heard of such a thing as a ‘placca’ building! The challenge would be to sell that idea and I thought it would be good to team up with Bill and Ron (Adams, Design Engineer) again – two good lads who are good at their jobs.”

The team began working on getting clients to accept the concept of a fabric building as opposed to bricks and mortar. Rubb Buildings Ltd went from strength to strength.

Bill, who became Managing Director of the company in 1991, says: “This business started out as a 25,000 square foot advanced factory in the middle of a green field in the Team Valley Trading Estate. We built up a labour force from local people and grew into a business producing and marketing goods on the world wide stage.

“We expanded into the military market place with our range of aircraft hangars which developed into our state-of-the-art EFASS range. Rubb is now a world leader in engineered fabric buildings for a wide variety of sectors including military, aviation, sports, storage, environmental, ports and marine.”

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