Breakfast with the President

Grant at Heli Expo

Technical Sales Engineer Grant Davidson takes to the Rubb Heli-Expo booth for the last day of Heli-Expo 2015…

Day 4 – The last day

Following on from a brilliant show on Day 2 with some very positive sales leads, we were looking forward to finishing the HAI Heli-Expo on a high. To start the final day we joined Rubb Inc President David Nickerson for breakfast. Poached eggs and toast were washed down swiftly with a nice coffee. Discussions about Sam’s introduction to show life and how successful the expo had been so far filled most of the conservation time.

As we entered the expo we were once again greeted ‘good morning’ by our fellow exhibitors as we passed by on our way to the Rubb booth. The morning was busy and as we juggled between being on the stand and visiting some of the larger manufacturers and maintenance organisations, Day 4 quickly reached the halfway point. With an earlier show finish that afternoon we continued our discussions with the last remaining visitors and then got down to dismantling the stand while organising transport of this back to our US office in Maine. Good preparation the previous evening and help from ‘FedEx’ allowed us to carry this out without any issues.

On review, we found HAI Heli-Expo to be a great platform for Rubb UK to team up with Rubb USA to further identify the Rubb Group as a leading worldwide Aircraft Hangar supplier. With some promising leads, we hope to back this up with a strong year in 2015.

Rubb flies in to Heli-Expo


Technical Sales Engineer Grant Davidson (pictured above) steps up to the Rubb Blog to take you behind the scenes at HAI Heli-Expo…

Day 1 – Rubb USA meets Rubb UK
The first day started with a round trip to Sanford International Airport near Orlando, Florida, to pick up Sam Mrozinski (pictured below), an engineer travelling from our US office in Maine. After a well executed pick-up and quick introduction, we were on our way to the HAI Heli-Expo to set up. After setting up the booth, we headed to the hotel to get ready for the evening’s opening party hosted by Bell Helicopters at the Hilton Hotel.
After a quick bite to eat and catch up on the daily sports we were ready to socialise and discuss all things aviation at the evening’s event…


Day 2 – Sam is introduced to exhibition life
On Tuesday we arrived at HAI Heli-Expo nice and early, ready to greet the flocking crowds that were trying to escape the early morning heat! A steady flow of visitors and a good number of enquires ensured that the morning passed by quickly. Before we knew it, the first day was already coming to a close.
An invitation for beers at around 4:30pm to catch up with Vertical magazine was a great way to end a exciting day and to reflect on the prospective projects we had discussed with the eager visitors.

Day 3 – Bring the game

A early morning run taking in the sites of Orlando and ‘Waffles’ for breakfast to refuel was the order of the day!
As we discussed the previous evening’s entertainment en route to the show, we allowed the navigation to direct us via International Drive (the busiest street in the US!) to the HAI Heli-Expo. We were a good 30 minutes early to our surprise. Upon entering the show we passed by some familiar faces, in particular, Gene and Keith from Lock-n-Climb (pictured below), who we had shared a few drinks with the previous evening at the opening gala, and happened to be our neighbours at the show.


Again, the Expo started off with a good number of enquiries and interest in our Rubb custom designed structures. Sam, with his engineering and architectural background, proved to be a welcome complimentary support creating a different angle of approach with the visiting crowds.


The day concluded with the Rubb team drawing in the last remaining visitors before they headed off to re-live their youth and enjoy another fun filled night of Disney Entertainment!

HeliExpoOne HeliExpoThree

An eventful show for Rubb

Shepard New Video

Day 5 – The last day
After some great media coverage (pictured above) and positive meetings, it was always going to be tough to top Day 4, especially with Ian heading home this morning. In an attempt not to jinx what has been a good show so far, I started the day the same as every other, gym, breakfast then taxi to the show. Luckily or unluckily, depending upon how you view it, I am now all out of gym clothes, so I am planning on having a night off tonight to celebrate before flying home.
One thing I hadn’t considered until now is how quickly we settled into the show and the routine. Over the week has almost become second nature, getting up early for the gym, the journey to the show, even getting through security and the walk to the stand. Everyone has been extremely friendly and accommodating and this has helped no end to make a hectic week that little bit easier.

EFASS in action

The footfall is inevitably slower on the last day of any show, so with that in mind I had identified a few companies to visit, in a bid to follow up on previous conversations and also lay down some networking foundations for promoting our military buildings (pictured above) at DSEI.
All in all IDEX 2015 has been a pretty good show with some promising leads to follow up when we get home. On another plus side, unlike Eurosatory, my new sunglasses survived this show and there was not one train strike in site…

Lights, camera, action at IDEX

Andy On Film

Day 3 – Continued
Between a couple of quality visits in the afternoon and an impromptu video interview with Shephard Media‘s Tim Fish, Land and Support Editor (pictured above), we were able to arrange two very promising meetings for Day 4, which could really put the icing on the IDEX cake. The afternoon was steady and the show was at its halfway point. We were feeling very positive given the quality of the enquiries we had received so far. This coupled with Wednesday’s meetings had given us an energy boost, which is just as well as it was time for home and yet another gym session.

Day 4 – A busy day
The morning of Day 4 started the same as always (I am now on first name terms with all the members of the gym). After a quick catch up with UKTI, we arrived at the stand early to prepare for our meetings. The morning saw quite a flurry of visitors to the stand and a visit from an old customer of ours, who was good to catch up with.

Meeting at IDEX 2015

Our meetings were scheduled for the afternoon. Both went extremely well, allowing us to make some strong connections which will hopefully open some extra doors into the region. Day 4 has been the hardest day so far, but regarding the people we have met and spoken to, it has been without doubt our best day at the show to date…

A grand gala event

Rubb Sales Manager Andy Knox shares more IDEX news on the Rubb Blog. Find out more about the must-attend event of the show below…

Day 2 – Continued

As more live demonstrations got underway the stand was quieter in the afternoon, however as the final hour of the show approached we had two excellent meetings that really put a spring in our step, that not even the notorious IDEX taxi queue could dampen. The plan for the evening was simple, gym, shower and then off to the Gala Reception (pictured below) for some networking.

IDEX Gala Reception Abu Dhabi

Day 3 – Gala gossip

Again we completed an early morning gym session followed by breakfast and a taxi to the show. Gym sessions, two times a day, on top of a full day at the show are taking their toll, especially after the Gala Reception, but MD Ian Hindmoor is in full flow and and fully dedicated to his new healthy lifestyle. Take a look at his progress here:

Upon arrival at the show the visitors’ queue was out of the door again, which is always a good sign. It didn’t take long for our first visitors to arrive and Day 3 was officially underway. The footfall has been intermittent, which has worked quite well to help us get caught up on emails, walk the show and get to know our stand neighbours. The main topic today was last night’s Gala Reception at the Emirates Palace Hotel. It was an excellent event, nice venue, good food and good entertainment. The downside was that there was no seating, and after two gym sessions and all day on my feet I was ready for a comfy chair, but that could just be me getting old…

Rubb lands at IDEX

Rubb Managing Director Ian Hindmoor (pictured below right) and Sales Manager Andy Knox gear up for IDEX 2015. Andy returns to the Rubb Blog with all the latest news from the show in Abu Dhabi…

Rubb Stand 06-A38
Setting up – An early start
We checked into the hotel at 4am on Saturday and then we were up and out again at 8am to go and collect our passes and set up ready for the opening day. The stand showcasing our military buildings looked good (Hall 06 – Stand A38). Once we had checked everything over and delivered our brochures to the appropriate parties we were done ready for the show to start.
We could not have picked a better hotel. The Novotel Al Bustan is clean, friendly, comfortable and perfectly located, just a five minute taxi ride to and from the exhibition centre. The plan was simple, gym, food, beer whilst watching the match and then bed (we won’t discuss the match).

Day 1 – Don’t look down!
We arrived at the exhibition nice and early on Sunday to get a pre-show walk around and get our bearings. The morning was a little quiet but the opening ceremony was very entertaining and by the afternoon the familiar buzz of chatter was in the air and the show was starting to gather some speed.
Amongst the delegates there was a stand-out person of interest that had to be approached. James Kingston, professional adventurer from Channel 4’s Don’t Look Down documentary was more than accommodating when approached for a quick business selfie. James (pictured below left with Rubb MD Ian Hindmoor) had been scaling the roof tops of Dubai just the day before – feel free to take a look at his latest daredevil antics at
James Kingston at IDEX
Before we knew it the day was done and it was time for a quick shower and turn around for a reception hosted by Ambassador Philip Parham CMG at the British Embassy. As always this was a first class networking event allowing us to spread the Rubb name.

Day 2 – A busy day ahead
A 7am gym session kicked Day 2 off with a bang, followed by breakfast and a taxi to the show. Straight away it was evident that Day 2 was going to be busier than the opening day – the queue for security was nearly out the door and it wasn’t even opening hours.
A quick catch up with emails and the office back home was quickly interrupted by two visits of interest and a familiar face which is always nice, the day was panning out nicely…..

Apprentice builds experience in design and engineering at Rubb

Apprentice Liam Whyatt at Rubb Buildings Ltd

Rubb Buildings Ltd has welcomed our first Technical Apprentice to our Engineering Design Department at Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead.

Liam Whyatt, who attended Heworth Grange School decided that he wanted to pursue a technical apprenticeship rather than go to university after achieving excellent GCSE and AS Level grades.

Liam, who is studying Mechanical Engineering at Tyne Metropolitan College, Wallsend, said: “I really wanted to gain some hands-on experience in the world of work. At Rubb it is really interesting how all the elements of design, manufacturing and construction come together in one place. I am looking forward to working here.”

Rubb Buildings Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of quality relocatable and permanent engineered fabric structures.

Design Office Manager Dale Robinson (pictured above, left) added: “We are pleased Liam has decided to pursue an apprenticeship route with Rubb. From first-hand experience a ‘work while you learn’ system gives a better practical understanding of the theory taught in universities and colleges. Liam has a keen interest in engineering and will develop the skills and knowledge at Rubb to become a successful engineer and play a key role in the future development of the company.”

Liam (pictured above, right) applied to Tyne North Training Ltd in the summer of 2014, where he completed assessments and the interview process. It became clear to TNT that Liam’s future looked bright in the field of Design Engineering, which in the past has been a profession, which started at university.

TNT began working to secure an Engineering Technical Support apprenticeship placement for the 18-year-old.

TNT Training Officer John Hopper said: “This apprenticeship at Rubb is a great opportunity for a young dynamic apprentice. Rubb’s engineers design, plan and manufacture innovative and efficient semi-permanent buildings for a variety of applications.

“Liam will be involved from the start of a project to ensure that he learns all about and contributes to Rubb coming up with the best custom design for their clients. This is an exciting role for any young apprentice who wishes to become a professional engineer.”